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Post Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:34 pm
    Post subject: Tripor's Application
What is your real name? (First only)

Where do you live? (Country)
United States Of America.

What languages do you speak?

What is your character's name? How did you come up with, or what inspired you to name your character that?
My Character's name is Tripor i named my character that because it is my nickname.

Have you had any other characters that we may know you as, if so, do you or how often do you play them?
I have one main character u may not know him but this name is Trogor.

How did you come to play Tibia? (if someone introduced you to the game, tell who)
My Friend Told Me About Tibia Long Time Ago And His Name Was Devil Hell Knight.

When did you start playing Rookgaard? Have you had any significant breaks or 'retirements'?
I Start Playing Rookguard On And Off About 2004 I Had Breaks For Main Characters.

Why do you want to Veritas? What attracted you to our guild?
Veritas Is A Well Known Rook Guild Everyone One In This Guild Is Kind And Nice And Treats Everyone With Respect So I Look Up To Them.

Describe an event that you remember well regarding Rookgaard, use strong details and where necessary.
I Remember When Me And Sir Keith Of Rookgaard Which was hacked a while back Sad..But We Was Hunting Mino Hell Just Haveing Some Fun And All Of Suding We go Down The Steps Around The Carlin Sword Quest And Apprentice Sheng Spawned..We Waited a Few Mins And Master Slayer arrived I Didnt Get To See Anything More Then Him Help Killing It I Didnt Get To Help Due To Being To Low Lvl Like 15 Or So...

What are your current goals on Tibia? On Rookgaard?
Well I Really Dont have Goals On Tibia I Play Tibia For The Fun Of The Game so MY Goals Would Probably Be Makeing New Friends And Stuff Although it Would Be Cool To Be Lvl 50 Or Such on Rookguard

How active are you on your applying character? On any other characters or Tibia as a whole?
I Am i Very Active Tibia Play But Due To My Main Char Which Is Pretty Important To Me I Will Be Mostly On My Main Character.

What is your stance on cheaters? (More specifically, 'cavebotters' and 'account sharers')
I Hate Cheater I Think That If u Are a Cheater And U Get Caught U Should Be Deleted On The Spot.

Have you ever cheated? (Including minor cheats such as a 'light hack')
No...I Have Never Cheated And Will Never Think About Cheating.

Have you ever been banned? (If yes, briefly describe why.)
Yes i have been Banned one Time And i was because of Caveboting But This Was Long Time Ago When My Account Was Hacked And i couldnt Get My Account Back till i Fought The Recovery key The Next Morning.
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Veritas Admin

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 11:43 pm
    Post subject:
Alright thank you for your interest in Veritas. Your application has been copied into our internal board where it will be discussed by the vices. Take care.
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