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Taelyn Stardust

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Post Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:34 am
    Post subject: Application for Relyanne
My real name is Daniel, although i'm usually called by my Tibian characters.

I'm from wales, which is in the UK.
Welsh is my first language, and no it's not made up. (You'd be surprised how fast Tibians are to say that)
I hate fingerprints on windows, it makes me feel awkward to know the time, I don't like touching door handles, keys on a public computer keyboard, drinking from other peoples mugs and glasses.
Certain members from certain societies and religious groups might consider me to be an alcoholic. I wouldn't go that far, but I guess I'm pretty close.
I love traveling and experiencing other peoples cultures.
My grammar will depend on my mood.
I respond well to humour.
I can't focus on a serious topic, I'd rather go off on a tangent about the colour of the 7th shirt that I'd ironed that day. There's nothing I love more than a conversation about nothing.
I hate KFC, Mcdonalds and those types of places. Luckilly where I live they're all placed within the same plot of land, so it's easy to avoid them.
I live alone, and have never felt lonely since i've been here.
I'd like to think that i'm an approachable type of person, and that if you didn't like something about me that you'd respect me enough to tell me, but also that if you had a problem you could come to me with it.
I have to shower everyday, or I feel disgusting.
I'd like to think that there's something that separates me from everybody else, but I'm not that naive.

Oh, and there's a brand of Pasta here called "Pasta King" which i've labelled as Pasta Ming.

Heres the Tibia side of things, i've tried to stick to the questions, but I find applications really hard, so don't be too judgemental. Wink

I came to play Tibia around three or four years ago, when a friend at work was discussing it with a girl who was mocking it. He jumped to Tibias defence and stated "I bet you if I introduce Daniel to Tibia, he will enjoy it" I shot him down with "hahaha, I don't play games." The end of that story is quite predictable, and i'm still waiting for the "happily ever after"
As far as Tibia goes, in my first week of playing around three or four years ago, I recieved a ban. Apparently I was being destructive in the Help Channel. At the time I was adiment that it was all a hoax, and the world was against me, but that was my general attitude towards everything.
I try to spread myself out across as many servers as my account will currently allow, I believe that each of my characters bear a seperate "mask" and at the click of a button i'm a different person.
Guilds interest me, the way every guild runs differs. (Atleast those which have created and put into practice a structure) They're something I really enjoy being part of, and after leading two guilds myself I sympathyze with all guild leaders, but it's always interesting to be involved in a variety of guilds, it's like having homes in different countries. But with easier access to each home. Smile
I enjoy Rookgaard for it's simplicity, there isn't as much pressure to compete for levels, items etc. The one downside for me was that there was a lot less joy in hunting in teams, and the point in doing team quests is vastly reduced. However, I've always enjoyed camping out Mino Hell with former guild members, and tackling the cheese tower quest.
I reffer to Rookgaard in the past tense, mainly because most of my experience with Rookgaard was on Secura, where I think my highest level was 32 I think. I'm now 21. Don't ask about that, it's a long story.
Also, the way that everything's compact, it's so easy to run into a friend, wheras in main the chances will depend on weather you're in the same city or not.
There are no houses in Rookgaard, so everybody is forced to gather in the same place, usually inside toms around the bench, or outside around the tree. Town Center is definatly a central community point in Rookgaard, and has helped me in getting to know some fabulous people such as Lady Teacup, Daryl the Crude, Subaru-sama, Lara Cerindar, Rockmelter, Ouwe Gek and Paula Raskal.
Sadly, I havn't had the chance to overly experience Antican Rookgaard yet, Relyanne is fairly new to this world, but the Rookgaard community is something I miss being part of, and that's linked with my request to join Veritas.
Rookgaard guilds I've been involved in are the Alliance of Rookgaard Rubera, the Rook Solitaires, and I lead the Force of Rookgaard.
For some reason, a Rookgaard 'event' that I remember is St. Patricks day a few years ago, myself and a few friends managed to convince most of the island to wear green. It was interesting.
I'm not really sure of my Tibian goals, at the moment my main goal is to feed Kelons addiction with obtaining a guildhall for the Rising Dragons Antica, i'd also like to set up a "charity" based on one that was lead in Secura. I wont be talking about that at the moment though. Wink Basically my goals are to just set up certain events, the rejuvination of the RDA is at the top of my list as well.
As far as activity goes, once i've done what I need to do throughout the day, i'll usually be online from about 8pm my time till around 1 am. I try to spread out over the worlds I play, keep up appearences within some guilds where my rank has been made "honoured one" or such, due to not playing there so much. However, I am mostly active on my Antican main character, Taelyn Stardust, which you can always PM, so I will be available most of the time. As far as things go with Relyanne, once i've moved house i'll be hunting with my characters, I'm hoping to spread my time out between Relyanne and Taelyn. But at the moment I'm not really active on Relyanne atm, as I don't feel part of things.
I'm not sure I have an opinion on cheaters, don't get me wrong, I don't agree with it, and they get punished heavily, but I can't have an opinion with something I don't don't really come into contact with. Cheaters don't really effect my personal game play, other than clogging up the highscores list, and not making any room for me Wink
The only time i've probably been effected by a cheater is when they've interfeared with a worlds economy through selling their items cheap, once they've bought a bunch of stuff for rl money.Or maybe a botter on a more empty world such as Isara, I end up just leaving whatever cave as I can't really compete with a robot.
I myself have never cheated, and i'm quite interested in meeting you.
Feel free to drop me a PM.


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Post Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:14 am
    Post subject:
Interesting about saying Warbie is interesting...
Anyway, will keep you informed on how you go. Very Happy
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Veritas Admin

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Post Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:07 am
    Post subject:
Thanks for updating Taelyn, it was very interesting (not saying that your original one wasn't interesting, but it's nice being able to gauge you on how well you can rant and ramble. Because lets be honest, Veritas, we all have a tendency to talk a lot when its an interesting subject or just something that makes us laugh.
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:12 am
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I stopped when he said he was a member of AOR Rubera, because for me that is enough, invite him now Warbie.
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