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Post Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:17 pm
    Post subject: Official Veritas Forum Rules and General Help
Official Veritas Forum Rules and General Help

Thank you for showing interest in our small guild from Antica, Veritas. The following are rules that must be understood and respected in order for a pleasant forum experience. You will be warned once, and only once, that you are violating the rules established in these announcements. If you intentionally continue to violate the rules, your forum account will be banned, and it will be very difficult to recover it.

The following is a list of rules that must be followed on these forums.

    *Off-topic chat is allowed, as long as it does not completely hinder the specific discussion topic of the thread or board.

    *Excessive swearing, and seemingly unprovoked flaming is strictly prohibited.

    *Keep your personal problems with other members out of the publics eye. If you have a lasting conflict with one of your fellow members, contact me via PM and we will work together to resolve it.

    *Impersonating someone in order to gain access to private boards will be punishable by an IP ban, regardless of who you really are. If this becomes a problem, in-game confirmation will become necessary.

    *English is the preferred language, and should be the primary language used on any board, with the exception of the Real Life board.

The following are guidelines that will you can use as a reference if you have any problems within the forum itself.

    *You can upload an avatar from your computer by going to your Profile and scrolling to the bottom. Click 'Browse' and upload a picture from your PC, that is smaller then 200x200, to serve as your avatar.

    *To insert an image in a post, start by going to On the ImageShack main page, click the Browse button, and find the image that you wish to host. After hosting it, copy the string of text from one of the white boxes. Paste the string that you copied from imageshack into your post, and submit. If you do not like the way your picture is shown in your post, try using one of the other strings on the hosted image page.

    *Your signature can contain a maximum of 1337 characters, and can be accessed via your personal Profile page. To place a picture or banner in your signature, follow the same procedure as posting an image in a post, but copy the string into the signature box.

    *There are many different functions to alter the text in your signature or posts, the following are a list of options and an example code. (The .'s were added to show the example, and need to be removed for actual posting)

      **To bold a section of words, place [.b] where you wish the boldness to begin, and a [./b] where you want the bolding to end.
        Example > [.b]Example[./b] > Example

      **To italicize a section of words, place a [.i] where you wish the italics to begin, and a [./i] where you want the italics to end.
        Example > [.i]Example[./i] > Example

      **To underline a section of words, place a [.u] where you wish the underline to begin, and a [./u] where you want the underlining to end.
        Example > [.u]Example[./u] > Example

      **To color a section of words something other then black, place a [color=.] where you wish the discoloration to begin, and a [./color] where you wish to return to the default color. There is a set list of colors that may be used as text colors, they are:
      Black, Brown, Dark Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Cyan, White, Pink, Violet, Purple
        Example > [.color=red]Example[./color] > Example

      **To change the size of a section of words, place [size=.] where you wish the alternative sizing to begin, and a [./size] where you want the sizing to end. Like colors, there is a set range of text sizes that you can choose from, experiment with different numbers and hit Preview before entering your post.
        Example > [.size=24]Example[./size] > Example

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me via PM, and I will help you to the best of my ability.

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