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Post Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 3:39 am
    Post subject: The Everlasting Bambi Application of Evil
What is your real name? (First only)
- Andrea

Where do you live? (Country)
- Canada

What languages do you speak?
- English / Italian / French

What is your character's name? How did you come up with, or what inspired you to name your character that?
- Little Bambi on Antica
- My inspiration was of course the movie. It suits me I would think.

Have you had any other characters that we may know you as, if so, do you or how often do you play them?
- Little Bambi on Antica
- Quite often.

Have you been in any other Rookgaard guilds?
- Rookgaard only guilds: no. Guilds with Rookgaard ranks: yes. Not on Antica.

How did you come to play Tibia? (if someone introduced you to the game, tell who)
- I began in... 2003. Tidal Master introduced me.

When did you start playing Rookgaard? Have you had any significant breaks or 'retirements'?
- When I first started playing in 2004.
- I've recently come back from a year and a half retirement.

Why do you want to Veritas? What attracted you to our guild?
- Veritas is one of the few guilds left out there that have respectable Rookgaardians. Warbane is also one smexay beast... not. Embarassed

Describe an event that you remember well regarding Rookgaard, use strong details and where necessary.
- Every single Test Server before 2007.

What are your current goals on Tibia? On Rookgaard?
- I have very few actual goals: Make friends. Make level 140 on my druid and make level 21 on Rookgaard.

How active are you on your applying character? On any other characters or Tibia as a whole?
- I'm quite active on all of my playing characters, as well as my tutor characters.

What is your stance on cheaters? (More specifically, 'cavebotters' and 'account sharers')
- I am strongly against all forms of cheating.

Have you ever cheated? (Including minor cheats such as a 'light hack')
- I used the infamous and once famous Macro Fish GG when everybody else did up until it was brought to the public that it was in fact illegal.

Have you ever been banned? (If yes, briefly describe why.)
- Yes. My previous (main) account was banned with the same name characters. It was a purposeful ban enforced by my own self. It helped me into my retirement.
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