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Kamui Shio

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Post Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:47 am
    Post subject: My application.
What is your real name? (First only)

Where do you live? (Country)
United States.

What languages do you speak?

What is your character's name? How did you come up with, or what inspired you to name your character that?
Kamui Shiou. I was name locked, I used to be named Proximity, but the damned tutors were out to get me because my name was just too awesome to exist within Tibia. :\ I renamed it that after a character from my favorite Anim´┐Ż, and accidently left off the "R" which makes me feel like a moron to this day. (Meant to name it "Kamui Shirou".)

Have you had any other characters that we may know you as, if so, do you or how often do you play them?
Yes. I play them pretty much as often as I'm on, as I bounce around between them a bit.

Have you been in any other Rookgaard guilds?

How did you come to play Tibia? (if someone introduced you to the game, tell who)
A long, long time ago in a galax-Actually, I started a little after rookgaard was introduced, back when battle shields, were round things, with big rocks sticking off of them, and there was still the 100% drop loss on death.

When did you start playing Rookgaard? Have you had any significant breaks or 'retirements'?
I'd say 2005ish, and yes I had a long break, that is if you mean when did I decide to make a "Rookgaard only character".

Why do you want to Veritas? What attracted you to our guild?
Warbie attracked me to the guild, because he's just so damn sexy. (As well as a desire to be a part of a Rookgaard guild, as well as the simple fact that the guild looks to be quite nice.)

Describe an event that you remember well regarding Rookgaard, use strong details and where necessary.
One of three stick out firmly in my memory:
The first, when I was new, I stumbled across a 'rope' which looked like a beehive at the time, so I fled from it fearing being stung (I'm highly allergic to bees stings, so I tend to flee from bees.)

The second was watching a trap being set up, ages ago, in which the player Johnny Five died, and I was later able to put the trapper in, and was able to obtain one of the rareset items in the game, silver key 4601.

The last, being the day I gave Master Slayer my silver 4601, because I felt he had a better use for it than me. Something to this day I do not regret, as Ryan and I were good friends.

What are your current goals on Tibia? On Rookgaard?
Simply to have fun. Smile

How active are you on your applying character? On any other characters or Tibia as a whole?
To be honest, at the moment I'm debating coming back to Tibia or not. I'm most likely going to start playing again, though it would just be when I am able to obtain some free time.

What is your stance on cheaters? (More specifically, 'cavebotters' and 'account sharers')
Even though it's against the rules to trap 'em, I'd do so anyways to try and kill them, to be honest, I've done it a few times on Antica and other servers aswell.

Have you ever cheated? (Including minor cheats such as a 'light hack')
I've used a few "cheats," one being the old-school cheat, of Autofishing, Light Hack. Then I later found out how to hex edit the light/darkness out of Tibia, and did it myself. However, I no longer do either of the things.

Have you ever been banned? (If yes, briefly describe why.)
I was actually banned once for being AFK in the Thais depot while I took a shower, never did figure out why though. (That was the reason the GM who banned me gave me.) Then got banned on another character when I got a bit irate with Steve (The CIP member), who'd said something over a broadcast, and I was quite upset to be bannished for such a stupid reason, when that never has been against the rules. (I wasn't even blocking a depot stall.) Aside from that, I actually lost the information to the account I made back in 2001, when accounts were first available for creation, so I have a newer one.
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Veritas Admin

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Post Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:54 am
    Post subject: Re: My application.
Thanks for your interest in Veritas, Kamui. I've copied your application to our internal board where we'll scrutinize it maniacally, and then report back to you in a few days if you passed or got denied. Good luck, and take care. Razz
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