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Jaina Sathalyn

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Post Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 9:55 pm
    Post subject: [Application] Jaina Sathalyn
Greetings, Veritas!

Some people probably know me from game, some from the previous career of Jaina. It may be a little confusing why I am writing an application to this guild, but I will try to briefly explain it. But firstly formal part - question answering Razz

Where do you live? (Country)

I am from Poland, however I hope that you will put the stereotypes of no-lifer PLs out and make a clearer view on me.

What languages do you speak?

I speak English well and learning German atm. But I prefer english ofc, because I feel more familiar in it and I learn it like 5 times longer than German (I learn Eng 10th year and German for 2 years).

What is your character's name? How did you come up with, or what inspired you to name your character that?

Her name is Jaina Sathalyn. A vision of being able to help Rookgaard improving by joining AoR and voting on proposals made me refresh my friendships here and start a new game. Well, after kicking me out from AoR I felt like I did my best and wanted to leave, when Groomp offered me applying here.

Have you had any other characters that we may know you as, if so, do you or how often do you play them?

I can't say I have a high level character, because from my very beginning of Tibia adventure I didn't want to powergame. I wanna make new friends, practise my english during conversations and of course learning something more about Rookgaard and its' Mysteries. Characters which are now active are:
- Jaina Sathalyn (Antica)
- Ugrin Rookstayer (Azura)
- Glev Hammerfall (Celesta)
I know they are pretty low levels but I just believe that you don't look at that aspect at all but at personality and inner beauty. Rolling Eyes

Have you been in any other Rookgaard guilds?

For 6 months I have been in RB - Rook Balanced on Azura. It was in AoR some time ago but because of lack of official and MS's strict laws we have been kicked. Now we are official again but we are not sure if it is worth join AoR again...

How did you come to play Tibia? (if someone introduced you to the game, tell who)

Oh well. I discovered it 3 years ago. I just saw "Tibia" word on some portal and became curious what it really is. Beginnings were difficult, I had some breaks in playing, but met great people and finally stayed on three worlds and keep in mind that for me Tibia is for friends and level etc. are lower points.

When did you start playing Rookgaard? Have you had any significant breaks or 'retirements'?

6 month ago I saw an offer of joining to RB on, applied and...just joined after 2 months of being taught. Breaks? Not on Rookgaard but generally playing.

Why do you want to Veritas? What attracted you to our guild?

I hope that you will not believe some "guys" who have contacts and can actually attract you ant tell you some bullsh*t about me as MS did to Lilla. The reason of my kick was that Lilla has been told I am a spy from SORA, which is a completely untrue. I don't wanna be in a guild where people kick others with no proves and break relationships like that.

I want to join a nice guild, make new friends and belong to a group of people who will not betray me as I don't agree with them.

Describe an event that you remember well regarding Rookgaard, use strong details and where necessary.

I didn't catch the point of this questions so notify if I made a mistake. Razz

Well, when I played "Jaina" some long time ago, I remembered the meetings. Then Groompah was leading AoR as far as meetings and events were concerned(I joined there then) and we had to stick with HIS time in a place he lives. It was like 11 AM in USA, whereas it was 23-24 in Poland so that I was half-asleep. Anyway we discussed some things about widening AoR, we talked about proposals and events. I remember we made a meeting in Katana Room with a ghoul also.

What are your current goals on Tibia? On Rookgaard?

Generally to make new friendships. I met great people on other worlds and on some I still keep a quite nice contact. I hope I will also meet new people here.

How active are you on your applying character? On any other characters or Tibia as a whole?

One month on Jaina Sathalyn, 3 months on Jaina like a year ago and maaany other characters on other worlds like Azura, Luminera, Refugia etc. It will be 3 years...

What is your stance on cheaters? (More specifically, 'cavebotters' and 'account sharers')

Kewl! I hate when someone works hours on improving his character, whereas some other guy just turns a bot on and goes to sleep. It is awful. I have never cheated in that way and I will never do. My honor doesn't let me such.

Have you ever cheated? (Including minor cheats such as a 'light hack')

It's kinda...embarassing...Well.....When I was a newbie, I downloaded a macro, which contained light-hack, auto-fishing and another no-offensive abilities, but....I couldn't turn it on. >.< From that day I didn't use such bots except of MC, which I really had to do during greater meetings on Azura's Rook. I don't feel comfortable with it but only that way let our guild party safely.

Have you ever been banned? (If yes, briefly describe why.)

Yup. I have been banned once, some time ago on my other account. Why? I talked on game-chat on Celesta and offered some guy apply to our guild. I opened a PM-channel but I missclicked somehow and pasted link to our forum containing numbers and letters on GAME-chat. Then some senior tutor reported me and I have been banned. Not to make anyone confused, I made a new account because some personal informations like mail were not proper and I didn't have much to lose (20 lvls)...


Well, that's all I think.
Thank you for reading, I will patiently wait for a reply from you.


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Veritas Admin

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Post Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:41 pm
    Post subject:
After reviewing your application and the interview between you, me, and Groompah, we have decided to allow you a trial period in our guild. Please get to know all the active members, and keep your guild chat open. Thank you.
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